The estate cellar

The present-day Lenz Moser estate cellar, which was first mentioned in documents as far back as 1040, is the central element of the winery. 

Small French barriques, large wooden barrels holding around 10,000 litres, and even a gigantic 1,000-bucket barrel (capacity of 56,589 litres) line the walls of the estate cellar in Rohrendorf. Wooden barrels have always been of great importance at Lenz Moser. As early as 1978, the company was one of the very first Austrian wine estates to begin storing red wine in 225-litre barrique barrels. Since then, the number of wooden barrels has been growing steadily.

The wine cellar, which was dug into the loess terraces, is home to a special microclimate. The temperature remains at around 15°C throughout the entire year, while rain ensures that there is sufficient humidity. These properties provide optimal conditions for the storage and maturing of absolutely top-class wines.

Lenz Moser estate cellar

The well-kept treasure


Large wooden barrels

1.000-bucket vat

Vintage wines in the bottle museum

History of the winery.

The Lenz Moser bottle museum is the carefully guarded gem of the winery – this is where vintage wines dating back as far as 1949 are stored.

The Lenz Moser estate cellar contains not only historic barrels at which to marvel, but also vintage wines from past decades. Over 100,000 vintage wines dating back to 1949 are stored in a variety of small boxes in the historic bottle museum. These are tasted regularly to check their quality and determine their further ageing potential. Today, we are still able to offer wines for sale from most vintage years.

Selected vintage wines are currently available in the online shop. If you are interested in specific vintage years, please get in contact with us: +43 2732 85541-2759 or


1.000-bucket vat

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