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is Austria’s wine

The wines from the Lenz Moser winery have always stood for uncompromising quality from Austria’s best wine-growing regions.

Then as now, Lenz Moser sets store in the combination of tradition and innovation and excellent collaboration with local wine-making families, who cultivate their vineyards with passion, experience and the supportive advice of the team headed by chief winemaker Ing. Michael Rethaller. A crucial factor is also the cultivation of our own vineyards at the Castle Winery of the Maltese Knight Order and the Klosterkeller Siegendorf winery. This allows the Lenz Moser oenologists to gain direct experience in optimum cultivation and subsequently to pass this on to the wine-growing families. The result is a diverse spectrum of outstanding premium wines at reasonable prices.

Creating great things together.

Lenz Moser works exclusively with traditional wine-growing families and local wine-growers’ cooperatives from the wine regions of Lower Austria and Burgenland. Around 3,000 carefully selected wine-growers benefit from the support provided by the experienced Lenz Moser oenologists.

Long-term collaboration with our partner wine-growers has been well-established for many decades and is based on strict quality guidelines. We place great emphasis on compliance with these guidelines. After all, to attain good quality, it all comes down to the grape production in the vineyard.

“The creation of wine is like cooking: the starting product, the grapes, have to be simply perfect. Processing them is then just the cherry on the cake.”

Ing. Michael Rethaller, chief winemaker

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Austrian diversity.

With a full assortment of Austrian wines, the Lenz Moser winery has become Austria’s most significant wine company and can – especially considering the name of the winery, which is steeped in tradition – undoubtedly be considered the number-one address for Austrian wines internationally.

The wine ranges from Lenz Moser:

  • Lenz Moser Carpe Diem: exceptional top-notch wine of the very highest quality.
  • Lenz Moser Prestige: single-origin premium wine in a limited quantity for specialist and upscale food retail.
  • Lenz Moser Selection: from the Grüner Veltliner to the Blauer Zweigelt, the typical Austrian varieties from the best wine-growing regions for each variety.
  • Wine brand Storch, which comprises Burgenland’s most important grape varieties.
  • Burgenland wine brand Servus, which marries typical grape varieties to create white and red wine cuvées.
  • The product portfolio also encompasses classics such as the Alter Knabe, Pfiffikus, Fête Rosé, the well-known brands of Herrenstein and Kellerknirps, and many more.

Premium wine estates.

As is well known, the quality of a wine starts in the vineyard. This is why Lenz Moser places particular emphasis on gaining experience in the optimum cultivation of vineyards in its two premium wine estates.

Schlossweingut Malteser-Ritter-Orden

Roughly 70 kilometres to the north west of Vienna, in a little valley by the name of “Mailberg Valley”, lies the Castle Winery of the Sovereign Maltese Knight Order in the wine-growing area of the Weinviertel. Lenz Moser has been cultivating 50 ha of vineyards there since 1969. The Mailberg soils produce expressive white wines, powerful red wines aged in barriques, as well as the outstanding cuvée Kommende Mailberg. 

Find out more about the Schlossweingut Malteser-Ritter-Orden

Weingut Klosterkeller Siegendorf

The market town of Siegendorf, located 60 kilometres to the south of Vienna in the wine-growing area of Leithaberg, was first mentioned in  1254. Lenz Moser has been cultivating the 24 ha of vineyards there since 1988. The wine estate of Klosterkeller Siegendorf is especially known for its superb red wines, above all its flagship cuvée O’Dora.

Find out more about the Weingut Klosterkeller Siegendorf

Lenz Moser high culture.

Prof. Lenz Moser III. (1905 – 1987), who is regarded as an innovator of viniculture and the founder of the “Lenz Moser high culture” vine-training system, helped to write a part of wine history. 

In 1928, he carried out his first attempts at high culture at his father’s (Laurenz Moser II.) operation in Rohrendorf. After taking over the business in 1929, he founded the wine-growing school of Lenz Moser and in 1935 began to plant out large areas of vineyard using this new style of vine training.

The greater growing space for the vine – 3 to 4 square metres – and the trunk height of 1.2 to 1.4 metres not only guarantee better light exposure and ventilation of the vines, but also offer economic advantages thanks to the possibility of mechanising the vineyard work and carrying out quality-focused cultivation.

Today, the Lenz Moser high culture style is used on 90% of Austria’s vineyards as well as in many wine-growing areas across Europe and overseas.


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