News press house: a project for the future

Faster processing of the grapes with consistently cooling, and an even more accurate way of determining the quality of the grapes. With the new press house Lenz Moser gets ready for the future and its possible climatic changes.

It is harmoniously embedded in the building ensemble of the winery and from the outside almost inconspicuous: The new Lenz Moser press house wants to attract attention above all by qualitative aspects. The concept was carefully planned over many years. The construction of the building began in 2018, followed by final fine-tuning work. Before that, there will be visits and talks with the contract wine growers of the winery, so that they are familiar with the new processes at harvest time. With the delivery of their fresh harvested grapes, fully automatic systems will help to weigh them, to determine their general quality or to sort them. The sequence of subsequent picking and pressing is precisely timed and followed by a precise logistics. In the course of this, the sugar grading is determined.

Tempo and cooling against global warming

While the time factor plays an essential role in the processing of grapes, cooling also plays an increasingly important role. Ing. Michael Rethaller, head of winery, says: “If global warming progresses as forecasted, we are challenged to react to it.” In the new press house we can cool the white wine mash to 7 ° C via a tube cooler, thus significantly improving the freshness and clarity of the wine. Even though the press house is only in operation for a short period of the year, there is still a decisive step in terms of quality and style of the wines. “

Planning with responsibility

With optimized conditions through state-of-the-art equipment and generally greater efficiency, the winery is ready to face the future challenges in grape processing. The oenological team around Ing. Michael Rethaller has planned with great attention to detail, always keeping in mind the sense of responsibility for the product wine and the partnering grape suppliers. With the year 2019, consumers can enjoy the result of these innovations.

Short summary of the new press house:

  • 2018 Construction of the building (cost: 1.6 million euros)
  • 2019 Finalization of the entire facility (cost: 3.2 million euros)
  • Take over per season of up to 4 million kg of grapes possible
  • Take over per day of about 250,000 kg of grapes possible
  • Press house was built so that it is expandable at any time
  • 3 closed pneumatic presses (each 20,000 liters content) from the company Scharfenberger
  • 60-ton Rebler of the company Scharfenberger
  • With 6 tanks of 75,000 liters each, an additional 450,000 liters of tank volume was created
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