#LenzTipps: Drinking temperatures of the wines

The right drinking temperature is very important, because the wine must not be too warm and not too cold. Several factors play a role, such as the quality level of the wine.

A wine that is too cold is closed and generally rather restrained, while a wine that is too warm is alcoholic. Often, due to the warm wine, disturbing tones can be detected in the nose.

Ideal drinking temperatures:

Sparkling wine, Secco


simple white wines


Rosé wines


rich, bouquet-rich white wines (late harvest, selection), summer wines


edelsweet wines (berry selection, ice wines, dried berry selection)


light to full-bodied red wines


rich, bouquet-rich red wines


Important tips:

  • Serve the wine a little bit colder than too warm, as the wine in the glass heats up quickly.
  • In winter, the white wines can be drunk a little warmer, while the red wines can be served cooler in summer.
  • the younger and lighter the red wine. the cooler it can be served.
  • If red wines is still clearly too cool, the caraping in a warm rinsed carafe helps.  


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