Available for the first time: Noah from the 1.000-bucket vat

In 2017, the Lenz Moser winery attracted public attention with an unusual notice. It had arranged for the construction of a 1,000-bucket barrel with a holding capacity of 56,589 litres, entirely in keeping with historic models. Maturing in the barrel was the first edition of the cuvée “Noah”, which is now being brought to market.

1,000-bucket barrels have always exerted a magical power of attraction over wine lovers. After all, it measures 4.65 metres in diameter and weighs 13,000 kilograms even before filled. The Lenz Moser winery was home to a similarly monumental decorative piece for quite some time. However, it was no longer suitable for wine maturation. This led to the idea of constructing a new 1,000-bucket barrel, and thus in 2017, a piece of wine-making history was introduced to the present day.

The grapes for the “Noah” cuvée are sourced from the Castle Winery of the Sovereign Maltese Knight Order in Mailberg, which has been managed by the Lenz Moser winery since 1969. After 18 months of maturing in the 1,000-bucket barrel, the Zweigelt shines with a playfully fruity style, the Cabernet Sauvignon contributes an earthy

Barrel base provides inspiration for the name

Today, when visitors view the 1,000-bucket barrel in the Lenz Moser winery, they cannot miss its elaborately carved base. This shows the scene of “Noah receiving the grapevine from the Lord God” from Genesis (1st book of Moses). In the history of the Bible, Noah is considered the first person mentioned to plant grapevines. The base of the barrel also impresses visitors with its three metres diameter, making it amongst the largest in Central Europe. It previously adorned the historic 1,000-bucket barrel that served as the inspiration for the cellar masters at Lenz Moser to construct a new model. This closes the circle, from the history of the barrel all the way to the name of the wine matured in it.

“Noah” cuvée facts

  • 2017
  • Cuvée made of Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot
  • Maturing time: 18 months
  • Alcohol content: 13.5% ABV
  • Origin: Castle Winery of the Sovereign Maltese Knight Order, Mailberg
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