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Working together to achieve great things.

Many steps are required before a good wine can be bottled. Each step is crucial for the quality of the wine and its character. Clearly, nothing is left to chance to meet customer expectations in the well-known house of Lenz Moser. Until the desired wine can be enjoyed at home, a total of 22 oenologists have made their contribution with competence and care under the watchful eye of cellar manager Ing. Michael Rethaller.

„Creating wines is like cooking: The starting product, the grapes, simply has to be perfect. The processing is then just the icing on the cake.“

Ing. Michael Rethaller,  head of the winery

Lenz Moser is Austria’s wine.

Lenz Moser Winery, situated at the foot of the loess-terraces in Rohrendorf near Krems, has stood for the combination of tradition and innovation for decades. The company’s philosophy of preserving traditional values, ​​and at the same time always keeping an eye on the future, is evident in many projects. For example, in 2017 the legendary 1,000 bucket barrel with historical carving work on the barrel bottom was renewed, and investments were made in a new, ultra-modern press house, which was first put into operation with the grape harvest in autumn 2019.

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A successful collaboration.

Around 3,000 vintner-families in the wine-growing regions of Lower Austria and Burgenland tend their vineyards all year round before the harvest, when the grapes are processed into wine at the winery in Rohrendorf. This requires expertise and love for the details, as every wine style – light and youthful or full-bodied and with storing intentions – needs a difference in its approach. To ensure that everything works out perfectly, an experienced team of oenologists is constantly in touch with our vintner-families. The result of this successful collaboration are quality wines with excellent value for money. We are receiving outstanding medals for our wines at national and international competitions year by year.

    Lenz Moser Hoch­kultur.

    A piece of wine history was written by Prof. Dr. hc. Lenz Moser III (1905 – 1978), who is regarded as an innovator in wine culture and the founder of „Lenz Moser Hochkultur“. In 1928, he undertook his first experiments with high culture at his father’s winery in Rohrendorf, Laurenz Moser II. After taking over the business in 1929, he founded the Lenz Moser vine nursery and began planting larger areas of vineyards with this new form of cultivation in 1935. The larger space for the vines – 3 to 4 square metres – and the stem height of 1.2 to 1.4 metres not only ensure better exposure and ventilation of the vines, but also offer economic advantages through the possibility of mechanizing vineyard work and quality-oriented cultivation. Lenz Moser high culture is now used on 90% of Austria’s vineyards as well as in many wine-growing regions in Europe and overseas.

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