The Castle Winery of the Order of the Knights of Malta, The Commendam of Mailberg

History: The town of Mailberg is located in the northern part of the Weinviertel, north-west of Hollabrunn, near the Czech border. The first mention of Mailberg in an official document dates back to 1055. In 1146, the first estates were transferred to the Order of the Knights of St. John. Mailberg is therefore the oldest possession of the Order of St. John, the later Order of the Knights of Malta.

The vineyards: In 1969, Lenz Moser III leased the vineyards owned by the Order of the Knights of Malta. He completely replanted them and extended the vineyard to their current size of 50 hectares. In just a few years he was successful in making a sign-board out of the Castle Winery. For decades the cultivation of the vineyards of the Order of the Knights of Malta has been undertaken according to ecological principles. The vineyards are laid out on steep basin-like plots, providing sufficient sunlight and shelter from cold winds. Already since 1973 Blauer Zweigelt and Merlot are cultivated in our vineyards in Mailberg. In 1978 the winery began to cultivate red wines in „barrique“. In 1982 the first Cabernet Sauvignon vine were planted there in a vineyard in Lower Austria.

Climate and soil: The Mailberg „terroir“ is created by a combination of cool climate at the northern Weinviertel with its protected location of the vineyards because of the kettle-site of Mailberg on the bottom of the Buchberg. One the other side the soil determines the wine quality. The Mailberger soil is calcareous and covered by loamy sand and loess. This assists the maturity of the wines and the development of a splendid and harmonious acidity.
Vinification: After a gentle vintage and manifacture all red wines are subjected to malolactic fermentation and ripe either in steel tanks or in barrels. Grüner Veltliner and Chardonnay, which exclusively have a temperature-controlled fermentation, are cultivated in steel tanks.
The wines: Special attention is given to the Grüner Veltliner variety which at this location develops its characteristic pepper. Lenz Moser has also proven that excellent „french“ quality red wines like Cabernet or Merlot can be produced here as well. Mailberg’s annual output currently amounts to approximately 200,000 bottles.