The Lenz Moser high training system

Of these generations, it was Dr. hc. Lenz Moser III, renowned viticulturist and the inventor of the Lenz Moser high training system, who made wine history. He always followed one principle:
”The truth that lies in wine is the wine grower’s love for nature, his dedication to the vines, his care in making wine, his honesty in the cellar, and his commitment to the authenticity of the product”.

From 1925 to 1928 he began experimenting with the high training system on the estate of his father, Laurenz Moser II, in Rohrendorf. After taking over the company in 1929, he founded the Lenz Moser vine nursery and used this new training system to plant large vineyards which he had leased from the monastery of Melk in Rohrendorf.

The larger area occupied by the vine, 3 to 4 square meters, and a stem height of 1.2 to 1.4 meters not only allows better exposure to light and improves ventilation of the stocks but it also provides economic advantages through allowing the mechanization of vineyard work, extensive cultivation, and lower investment.

The breakthrough for this training system came after World War II. Today, the Lenz Moser high training system is used for 90% of Austria’s vines and in many other wine-growing areas, both in Europe and overseas.

In 1970 Lenz Moser III received an honorary doctorate from the University for Agriculture in Vienna in acknowledgement of his exceptional achievements, and in 1975 the former Federal President Dr. Rudolf Kirchschläger awarded him the title of Professor.