Impulses for wine culture

Innovations by Lenz Moser:
• Establishment of the high training system arount 1950.
• Cold fermentation with white wines according to Salla.
• First planting out of the Zweigelt grapevine on the Mailberg estate in 1973.
• Cultivation of Merlot and Cabernet varieties since 1973/1982.
• Beginning of barrique storage for red wines in 1977.
• Organic fermentation with all red wines since 1987.
• Utilisation of the potential of the Zweigelt grapevine in the Selection label since 1991.
• Development of „Pfiffikus“, the lightest Austrian quality wine.
• Chemical-free bottle sterilisation through steam rinsing since 2000.
• The first Austrian winery  to be certified according to the International Food Standard (IFS) in 2004.
• Last but not least, it was the competence of Lenz Moser in connection with Grüner Veltliner and Blauer Zweigelt that made these traditionally Austrian varieties so successful.
• Launch of Fête Rosé in 2009.
• Certified to FSSC in 2012 as the first winery in Austria.