Lenz Moser - An ambassador of Austrian wine culture

In a country that is so very much associated with art und culture like Austria, joie de vivre and wine culture are also high on the people´s list of priorities. Favoured by the local climate, Austria´s wines are always characterised by a lovable freshness and an intensive fruit. These attributes are highly appreciated far beyond the borders of Austria, not least due to the contribution of the Lenz Moser winery, which has been dedicated to the preservation of Austrian wine culture for Generations.

The name of Lenz Moser is inextricably linked with wine-growing in Austria. The current Lenz Moser estate winery in Rohrendorf near Krems, first mentioned in an official document as early as 1040, is considered the Point of departure for significant Impulses aimed at preserving Austrian wine culture. For example, the "Lenz Moser high Training System" was invented here, which revolutionised viticulture in the 50´s. It was Spirit of pioneership that turned the Lenz Moser winery into what it is today: the market leader for Austrian Quality wines in the domestic market. Moreover, being the most important exporter of Austrian quality wine in bottles, Lenz Moser contributes to disseminating Austria´s wine culture into many countries of Europe, the USA, Canada and the Far East.