Lenz Moser

Fête Rosé Stifterl

Rosé wine / Dry

11,5 % vol. |  250ml | Quality wine

Fête Rosé combines the freshness and fruitiness of a white wine with all the advantages of a red grape variety. A youthful fresh rosé wine with that certain extra!

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Additional information

Wine line: Lenz Moser
Origin: Austria
Wine type: Rosé wine
Character: Dry
Grape variety: Blauer Zweigelt
Bottle size: 250 ml
Alcohol content: 11,5 %
Maturation: Steel barrel
Contains: Sulfits

Wine description

Colour: Light pink colour.

Bouquet: Youthful, intense scent of strawberry and raspberry.

Taste: Dry, fresh and fruity, harmonious acidity, very tasty, well balanced.

Food recommendation: Goes perfectly with fish, vegetables and white meat.

Wine range
With its Fête Rosé, Lenz Moser achieved the impossible: vinification of a rosé with the freshness and fruitiness of a white wine AND all the virtues of red wine grapes.

The fresh and fruity Fête Rosé is the embodiment of lightness and simplicity, making it ideal for any occasion, be it a celebratory event, a casual private evening or relaxed moments in the sunshine on a terrace or balcony. A wine that is simply fun!